I am sharing with you the path that brought us to this meeting, which is not accidental. You will see my experiences and skills and you will feel if I may serve your highest good.




Family constellations reveal an invisible world, woven by the threads that connect us with all those before us. We are not a lonely island that has appeared out of the ocean of life, we [...]


Female practices

These practices are absolutely for every woman who would like to show her femininity and magnetism from the inside out. Nowadays women do too much and have no time to just enjoy and be. [...]


Ecstatic Dances

We all long to feel alive, to feel that we are part of the river of life. This deep and unfolding practice is for every person regardless of his background, body shape, ethnicity, nationality, race [...]


Private sessions

What can I do for you I am here to remind you of what a wonderful and divine creation you are. In this virtual space, as well as in the physical spaces that [...]


Vinyasa yoga

This is a style that focuses on awakening the energy flow in the body and its application in our daily lives. With the practice of flow (flow, overflow) yoga, a person becomes not only [...]


Yin Yoga

YIN Yoga is a gentle dip into our core, an illumination and exploration of the unfamiliar corners of our soul, a journey inward and deep within ourselves, from which we emerge more knowledgeable, more [...]


7 days towards Innermost Me

May 23 @ 4:00 pm - May 30 @ 12:00 pm

Nimphs in Samothrace 12

July 11 - July 18