The wrong order that brought joy


We don’t speak the same language. We have no meeting points. Besides the fact that we are on the same station at the same time. They just messed up my order. Instead of an avocado and egg sandwich, I get a cup of avocado lassi with fresh milk and an egg sandwich. I feel discontent. [...]

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Where is the freedom


Once upon a time I thought freedom was to be able to do what I wanted whenever I wanted to. Does it sound familiar? It seemed to me that freedom was a sudden wish for me to go somewhere, go to the airport, buy a ticket, and take off where it takes me. What else? [...]

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The Secret Ingredients of the Good Life


We are people and we have problems. Problems are the means by which our soul chooses to be enriched by becoming more and more creative in our decisions. This would tell you every expert on personal development.  But there is also a deeper and still secret aspect that stands in the way of our happiness. [...]

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Festive Guide for Survival


During our holidays we are resting from our job, but we can never rest from ourselves. Wherever we go, we always carry ourselves How do we stay conscious during the holidays without letting it go? THE RIGHT NUTRITION Imagine how interesting the Christmas Fast is, ending on Christmas with a roast pig or whatever meat [...]

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Cure yourself from the romantic love


A love scene in a movie. He falls on his knees and promises eternal love. The women in the movie theatre cry. They see a pattern they are looking for since little girls. Especially if the only man in their lives - their father - traveled a lot, left the family early or just created [...]

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I want to be thin, I want to be strong!


Post-festive cognitive dissonance for weak figures and strong women Every year around this time, the food industry is plagued with temptations to "express our emotions" or "reward" ourselves, other industries also try to inject us with the guilt that we had eaten too much during the holidays, and to offer us how to get rid [...]

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The power of bow


Imagine the following picture - a man stretched on their face with his hands outstretched, totally devoted and humble. For the western man this sounds strange and incomprehensible, but it is actually a fairly common practice in the East, as well as a tool in some therapeutic approaches. THE MEANING OF BOW Lowering the head [...]

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Autumn Equinox – Time to Balance


Equinox, as the name itself speaks, is the moment of equanimity of light and darkness. On this day, the day and the night equalize their duration, and this enables us to experience the balance in our lives. This is a fleeting moment that symbolizes the transition from the upper to the lower world. On that [...]

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Will you allow yourself to be seen?


You may already be in a place where you realize that you are your greatest enemy and best friend. This bloody moon will bring back the old wounds out and encourage you to choose. Every choice leads us to two directions - to reveal the truth or to fall into misbelief. Your choice – to [...]

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The sadness – the excluded emotion of the modern days


Sooner or later sadness always comes. It has usually waited for a long time , until the exhaustion of the struggle, so we can be disarmed. There is simply no time for the sadness in everyday life. Life does not tolerate sadness because it is so deep, that one believes that he will drown in [...]

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