I am Devi and thank you for being here.

I am sharing with you the path that brought us to this meeting, which is not accidental. You will see my experiences and skills and you will feel if I may serve your highest good.

A journey towards yourself

After many years, I felt that there’s more to this than meets the eye, I explored, I searched and experimented all sorts of practices to help me find my inner harbor. This craving took me to India, Bali, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Morocco, the United States and many other countries, where my encounters with interesting and different people added to my insights and caused even greater hunger for inner knowledge.

The transformational power of yoga

My first passion on the way to myself was with  yoga back in 2002 in London, while I was graduating from my masters there. This turning point has pushed me into a direction that quickly rearranged my inner world and helped me to focus, concentrate and find comfort in my own body. Having tried all the possible yoga styles, I trained on Prana Flow Yoga with Shiva Ray. I have attended classes and trainings by Twee Merrigan, Simon Park, Simon Low, Dharma Mittra, Micheline Berry and many more. I have assisted Twee Merrigan in the States and I was a guest teacher in Micheline Berry’s yoga teacher training course.

But what helps me to get to the fullest depth are the yin yoga classes I practice and teach since 2008 and constantly build up my knowledge. Recently I finished a training with Beta Lisboa and Sai Calder on Myofascial Yin yoga, which is like an energy operation for the body, works within the deep connective tissue – the fascia and it helps to release the past, stored in our tissues.

Meditation and energy practices

My interest and affinity for meditation met me with amazing channels, such as the Solara An-Ra and Hari Baba, where I received initiations in ancient Tantric techniques, such as The breath of the Cobra, and activations in multidimensional spaces.

While I was pregnant in my 6th month, I was at a Vipassana meditation in Serbia, which helped me to enrich myself with a solid dose of bliss and to have a wonderful and ecstatic birth afterwards.

I have initiations in Reiki II level, Karuna Reiki, Violet Flame and others that help me maintain a high level of energy that I am charging myself and others with, during my practices.

These include elements of Thai Yoga massage – another therapy that helps balance energy flows and overcome blockages.

Freedom from the past

Having become a mother, this provoked in me the rise of unresolved issues that maternity addressed very categorically in my life. My daughter was 6 months old when asthma was unleashed in me and the attacks did not give me peace at night. And then an extraordinary therapy emerged in my life, that successfully helped me begin the process of healing -the family constellations.

After I felt an improvement the very next day after my first constellation, I began to study in a two-year training session at the French Institute of Family and System Constellations. This training gave me a fundamental understanding of system laws, system violations, and the principles of successful relationships.  Then I was in the third training of Rumen Yankulov, and currently I’m finishing a two-year training in Integrated Constellations with Lorenzo Kampeze, organized by the Institute for Integral Development.

Today I am very grateful for the asthma, the path that invited me to walk so i can get to where I am now – in a good place, in peace with myself and with my past.

To fly boldly forward

My encounter with acro yoga was a turning point in my life. After many years of self-practicing yoga, I discovered how invaluable it is to practice with a partner. Acro yoga gave me the confidence and opportunity to try new things for the first time and to feel like a child. And the bonus of – 7 kg for 3 months without any effort was another proof that I was on my way.

The Magic of Fragrances

In search of natural harmony, I walked along a path that revealed to me the magical world of essential oils that are already very much spoken of. Now they are my valuable first aid kit, my cosmetics, my perfumes. And, of course, my faithful allies in my classes and practices.

At the beginning of the year 2016 with the fairy named Mon we created the brand 11 Moons, which offers high-quality essential oil combinations in vials, to inspire people to live a healthy and happy life, filled with high vibration that are in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of the Earth and Cosmos.

My holistic approach

All these meetings, trainings and experiences enable me artfully to entangle the wisdom of constellations with the mystique of yoga, the healing effects of essential oils and the power of mental affirmations.

My life is an embodiment of what I share in my class, so I occasionally change the subject and direction of what I teach.

The 9-year experience in teaching + 14 years of personal practice is a solid foundation on which I build up through the flow of creativity that I follow in my sessions.

My hours are conduct a magic interweaving of yoga, meditation, pranayama, working with crystals and sounds, aromas, mudras and universal wisdom, represented in a lightweight, yet provocative way.

The trips and the different schools I trained in form my ability to meet the East and the West in my class.

I will be happy to meet you personally and share together moments of awareness.


I thank all my teachers who, with patience and dedication, have transposed me through the path of ignorance, to the field of knowledge:

Constellations I studied directly from:

Colin Good

Clara Nudi

Lorenzo Campese

Shavasti Bebeagua

Rumen Yankulov

I was inspiring directly from the work of:

Bertold Ulsamer


Rositsa Bozhkova

Yoga I studied directly from:

Shiva Ray

Twee Merrigan

Beta Lisboa

Sai Calder

Laura Green

I was inspired directly from the work of:

Simon Low

Simon Park

Dharma Mittra

Janet Stone

For meditation, kriya yoga and tantra, thank the teachers:

Solara An-Ra

Hari Baba



And many others, whose names are not here, but remain forever in my heart