Mystery of the elements – retreat with Jason Kalidas and Teodora Devi

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Journey-Adventure to one of the most mysterious sceneries of antiquity with yoga, sound healing, constellations, ecstatic dance, heart connections…
Samothraki is a mystical island with a lot of history and a spring of transforming power.
We will embark on a journey for regeneration in the natural beauty of the island, release urban limitations and embrace a new, ecstatic reality.
The pure feminine nature of the island of Samothraki, deliciously unfolds in its prestige natural environment. For everyone, the meeting with Samothrace is a profound personal experience that brings transformation within the whole perception of life itself .Come to experience something new – and if you’ve already been – give a new reading of the experience.

Here Orpheus founded the Great Mysteries for the first time outside his native Thrace. Thracians alone lived in Samothraki, where we can see the traces of ancient and mysterious temples. Here the noble women of the ancient world came to drink elixirs and dip into the hot springs to get pregnant. It’s believed that the mother of Alexander the Great conceived him after visit to Samothrace. Today the myths come alive and self-confessed , nymphs appear from the hollow centuries-old trees that, like caves, create the feeling that you are in the womb of the Mother.

Each day we will go through one element according to Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) and the associated organs in the body. We will purify and recharge all organs and systems, learn easy and affordable techniques to maintain good health and energy balance.
We will work in depth to tone up the muscles and relax the connective tissue so you can find the craving balance in your everyday life.

The program includes:

☀flow and myofascial yin yoga + dao practices
☀sound healing practices
☀breath work
☀ecstatic dance
☀group constellation work
☀everyday visits to fabulous waterfalls and breathtaking sceneries

This is the best place to come face to face with your fears and limitations and overcome them, so that you unleash the unlimited

Devi organizes retreats in Samothraki for 10 years now. This will be her 12th retreat there.
Her journey into healing started in 2002 in London, when she embarked on the yoga path. Since then her strong attraction for conscious living has met her with different world masters, each leaving a trace in her heart and assisting her in forming her unique style of teaching. Her interest and inclination into meditation and the subtle world met her with incredible channels such as Solara An Ra ​​and Harry Baba, from which she received initiations in the ancient tantric techniques and activations in multidimensional spaces, learning to channel the energies of the higher dimensions that guide her during her meditations. Her classes are a magical blending of yoga, meditation, pranayama, work with crystals and sound, mudras and universal wisdom, presented in a way, that awakens the heart. She has studied yoga with many well known teachers, such as Shiva Rea, Twee Merrigan, Simon Park, Berta Lisboa, Sai Calder etc. She is a certified family constellation facilitator in the French school of Samadeva and currently on a constellation training with the Italian school Altroove.
Devi has studied yoga and meditation in Nepal, Bhutan, Bali, USA and many other places in the world which forms her ability to meet the East and the West in her classes. With her flow practices you will feel the movement of prana in your body in a smooth but powerful way.

Jason kalidas is an Indian classical Bansuri player , Yoga-of- sound facilitator, professional Tabla player, overtone singer, and analog electronica artist .
He studied Indian classical music under master musicians in Varanasi, India over the last 20 years. Being rooted in Indian classical – a tradition of improvisation – Jason has realised his gifts and abilities in innovating new ways music translates through other artistic and healing modalities, he has worked extensively with dance, yoga and theatre. He has performed at many world class venues including; The place London , sadlers wells, The UN headquarters, Macba barcelona etc
Jason has deep connection in the western Bhakti scene and has toured the world with Top Kirtan singers Bhagavan das , Arjun baba and Dave stringer.
He has worked on numerous ‘Yoga and sacred sound’ projects with the worlds top yoga teachers including
Sienna sherman , Naomi Absalom, Regina gambarte ,John freind, Sharon Gannon, Shiva rea >, Mariam Askari, Lisa Sanfilippo, Jaye martin, Ross Rayburn and many more.

“Jason is a joy to play with; very fluid and harmonious on Bansuri, and tight and funky on Tablas! I was impressed…” CRAIG PRUESS
“Kalidas plays from the heart drum pulse of pure devotion” BHAGAVAN DAS
“Jason Kalidas emanates the spirit of devotion, and creates inspired musical fusions and productions” ARJUN BABA
“Jason Kalidas is a rock star tabla player who lifts the audience and matches the high energy vibe tastefully and further contributes with his flute” FANTUZZI
“J’s playing is simultaneously fluid and fiery, earthly and ethereal” DAVE STRINGER

early bird till 1st of May
450 euro
after 1st of July 530 euro

Price includes:
🕉7 nights in a shared double room at the beautiful Mariva retreat center
🕉7 breakfasts
🕉2 dinners in local tavernas (vegetarian and vegan) 🕉All travels and visits on the island

Terms for booking

  • You can book your place only by paying 30% deposit till 30 June
  • Full amount is requred till 15 Agust
  • Cancelling 40 days before the retreat, the deposit is refundable – 10 BGN administrative fee is required
  • Cancelling 20-40 days before the retreat, 50% of the deposit is refundable
  • Cancelling less then 20 days before the retreat, the deposit is not refundable
  • Cancelling less then 10 days before the retreat the whole amount is not refundable

About the music ;

Jason Kalidas will fill the retreat with divine healing music, ranging from deeply introspective to ecstatic :

Nada yoga /Healing sound experiences

Through the reatreat we will delve into sound meditations on Indian Raagas played on eoctive low pitch Bansuri with harmonic sound-scapes.

Raagas have are rooted in the Naad yoga ( yoga of sound ) and heave developed over thousand of years.

This beatific and refined music primarily focuses on the emotional body ( Anandamaya kosha ) to awaken and release emotions as well induce blissfully heart opening experiences.

Sequenced and intuitive Vinyasa with live Tabla and beats , supporting lifting the experience to higher levels.

Intuitive movement and ecstatic dance

Free intuitive dance is one of the most healing / liberating activity a human can possibly do.

Our sessions will progress seamlessly from yoga flow into movement and dance with Jason’s live electro/ acoustic dance set.

Deeper information on the music :

Raaga music has it origins in ‘Naad yoga’ ( yoga of sound )

It works by bringing g body and mind into harmony via the sacred geometry or musical scales .

These scales ( sonic geometry ) have been specially developed and realised by ancient naada yogis and master musicians into ‘Raagas’

Each Raaga focuses on a particular emotion or collection of emotions .

The ‘ sound healing ‘ occurs through connection to the emotions via the shear beauty of the music . Raagas give direct connection/ access to various emotions within the human body/ mind matrix, helping to release hidden sadness / grief etc . Particular Raagas are selected to bring about lblissful states others for deep introspection
Movement and ‘ ecstatic dance’

Free intuitive dance helps us reach deeper states of connection to our unique essence.

In retreat settings we become more and more connected to each other, and as the days pass we feel held and supported by the teachers and the especially warm group setting .

This combined with deep connection to our body/ mind and emotions make us ripe for deep dance experiences.

The dance will be totally free with a very small amount of guidance .

We will seamlessly move through live music led vinyasa yoga sequences into subtle movement building up into ecstatic dance .


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