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For another year I will be part of the Udaya Live Yoga Festival with two practices, one in English, the other in Bulgarian. If you wish to visit the festival you can use the MANDALA discount code to get a discount on the ticket.

Feel to heal 

Myofascial yin yoga

Myofascial yoga is a specific type of yoga that combines two modalities – yin yoga and myofascial release. If affects the most extensive informational network in our body – the fascia. This three-dimensional tissue is the memory storage of all experiences we could not integrate and release. Just as everything in life is connected, so it is in our body through this amazing connective tissue that holds everything together in the body. It wraps around and between every organ, muscle, nerve ending, blood vessel and even in the bone marrow. If you are paying attention to your body you will feel that the movement in one area pulls this tissue in another. The fascia is the yin connective tissue which can be accessed with patience, slow and fluid movements, holding into the postures and deep breathing. It gets negatively affected by the modern yang lifestyle, improper diet and movement, stress and the involuntary muscle contraction which is common to the overly active people. 

One of the major factors for fatigue, illness and premature aging is stress. Today’s way of life is so built that we are in a constant state of stress. Stress means simply that our sympathetic nervous system is constantly activated. When this system is active, the body responds with “fight or flight” model. At the physiological level, stress hormones – adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol, etc. – are released into our body, muscles are strained, breathing speeds up, and the immune system shuts down to redistribute the body’s resources so that it tackle the “threat”. This “threat” is often not real, but an instinctive, deeply rooted response to life situations based on our samskaras. 

In this session we will experience a deep relief on all levels, accessing the subtle realms through the physical body. 

We will use aids such as tennis balls, pillows, blocks and hands to release the  tension deeply stored in our tissues. We will work with the belts of tension situated on the transversal plane and pulling our body up on the level of the chakras from the pelvic floor to the head. 

This practice is an elixir for our body, as it activates the parasympathetic  nervous system, which will allow us to reach, release and integrated old emotional and physical issues. 

Shiva Shakti Flow

Vinyassa flow practice

Shiva and Shakti are the two aspects of duality that are constantly seeking a merger. Only the integration of Ha-Tha (Sun-Moon) can bring us to a state of equilibrium. This is also the ultimate goal of life – the integration of opposites. In this class we will experience the eternal game of Shiva and Shakti – the merging of body and soul. Solar and lunar (dynamic and fluid) vinyassa waves will create a sense of balance and inner harmony.  The focus of the practice will be to build a shape by holding the asanas and then disrupting it with fluid and spontaneous movements. We will cultivate the quality of the water element that is associated with our kidneys and the element of fire associated with our center of will. Triggering the fire inside by energetic poses with hold and release, kept through the kapalabhati breath and then cultivating fluidity with slow movements, will open and clear channels to let more life force to flow through us. Through this somatic experience of the merging of opposites within us we will experience inner reconciliation, which brings a deep sense of peace.

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