Project Description

Family constellations reveal an invisible world, woven by the threads that connect us with all those before us. We are not a lonely island that has appeared out of the ocean of life, we come to this world out of the alliance of our parents. They convey to us the genetic background of our family and the informational matrix of the previous generations. It contains all the information about all past events, including family secrets. Especially heavy is the charge of secrets, as it is felt by family members as something that hovers in the air. We are experiencing the consequences of all these events that often we don’t even know about, under the form of limiting beliefs, fears, psychoses, repetitive patterns of behavior and choices, disease, pain, proneness to injuries, etc.

The family system is always looking for a way to balance itself, so nothing can remain hidden. Thus “victims” become the innocent – the youngest members of the system who blinded by love carry the ancestors’ fatal destinies without realizing it.

Systems always strive to maintain their integrity. Our family system includes absolutely everyone who was born in it, without exception. This means that in the hearts of us all, it´s important to have a place for the aborted children, the miscarriages, the given up for adoption, the abandoned, the murdered ones, the offenders, the victims, the sick and those with tough fate. But these are painful topics, and people are programmed to avoid pain by pushing, dissociating, denying, or freezing their ability to feel. As I have said, nothing is lost, it´s just waiting for the right moment to show up through the members of the family, who do not even suspect the presence of these past events in the kin. My experience shows that in absolutely every family´s past, there are such moments, our ancestors have experienced wars, slavery, privatization, forced property seizure, concentration camps, and so on. All this is experienced as an echo in the lives of the next generations who do not even know where their suffering comes from. We often know there is a problem in our lives, but we can not determine where does it come from, whatever we do. The method of family constellations allows us to work with these themes, while the facilitator creates a field and through representаtives makes apparent all of  these internal dynamics, hidden beliefs and loyalities that make us experience that unfathomable suffering again and again. In this field we have access to information that is otherwise encoded and which drives us in ways beyond our control. This method is based on the existence of a wider consciousness, called Collective Family Consciousness, which keeps the memory of all who belong to a given kin.

How does it work

Everyone carries a picture, an image of life that can move them in the direction of success or failure. The only thing that affects our actions is this picture that we are not aware of. This is a deep inner picture that we have accepted as true and it works through us as an attractor of various external events. This picture includes our attitudes and beliefs formed in our childhood but rooted in the past of our family system. This results in the woes and failures in our lives related to work, relationships, money, self-esteem, parenting.

The constellations give us a new picture. A picture that is part of the world of our soul and therefore can not be understood through the mind. This new image can find a place in our hearts and result in positive changes in the direction of our lives.

The facilitator can not do the work for the client. He creates and maintains space, but he does not interfere with the destiny of the client.

The client’s job is to see this new picture and to let it into their heart from where it starts working. From the law of attraction we know that when we emit an inner impulse out, we attract people, events, circumstances that resonate with our inner picture. If we radiate fear – we attract crash, if we radiate hope – we are attracting a new opportunity.

A constellation does not promise a happy ending, it does not give precise instructions for a better life, it gives us a chance to withdraw from the role of an observer of our own life and start living each situation much more lucid. A constellation guides us along this path and supports us step by step.

The resolution in a constellation and the positive effect can only come if greater powers such as Family Conscience, Fate and Spirit allow this. Usually, after the constellation, the client feels relief. For some, changes may happen the next day, for others it takes weeks, months, up to two years. A constellation evolves with the pace of the perception of the client.

The issue:

Any problem can be reviewed through the process of constellations, especially if you feel an inner need and something is leading you to this method. Examples of problems you can discuss are:

  • I lack energy in my life.
  • I can not bring things to an end.
  • I parted with my partner, but I can not let him / her go.
  • My money is running out.
  • I earn money and then I lose it.
  • They’re always lying to me.
  • I feel that life is unfair.
  • I feel constantly guilty.
  • I  break up with my partners in the same way.
  • I can not keep a job
  • I feel unnoticed.
  • Success is always slipping.
  • I have problems communicating with my children.
  • I keep attracting abusers.
  • I start something with enthusiasm and then give up.
  • I always feel that there is not enough time.

I do not talk to my mother / father.

I had a miscarriage, my child died young or is still sick.

I feel hopelessness / helplessness / frustration.

How does the process work?

Although the process is personal, it happens in a group. If you wish to claim a personal constellation, contact me at 0894 488 808 to arrange the day and time. The most comfortable working day is Sunday, when I gather a group of representatives and work all day on several topics. The cost of placing a personal theme is 90lv and takes between an hour and two. You are invited on this day to stay with the other constellations as a representative, because from each constellation one can gain a lot.