Project Description

We all long to feel alive, to feel that we are part of the river of life. This deep and unfolding practice is for every person regardless of his background, body shape, ethnicity, nationality, race and belief, because music and dance unite all the differences in a melting experience.

What’s the idea?

Ecstatic Dance is a form of choreography-free dance that happens at the moment as a natural response to the body of the sounds of music. It is a deep and intimate experience that can lead to deep insights, breakthroughs, dealing with fears and opening up to love.

This is a conscious party, on which we do not consume alcohol and other substances, but relies entirely on the intoxicating effect of music and sensory experiences that unfold the vibration of freedom in the inner space.

Warning !!! – This practice has the potential to get you out of the mind and to let go of all control. If it scares you, I assure you that in this safe space you can afford it.

There is no talk during the practice, but you can dance with other people. It starts with a circle and setting an intention. There is a brief introduction and familiarization with the conditions and possibilities for interaction with others. There will also be an opportunity for dancing blindfolded, which is the mastery for those who are ready to surrender to life.