We don’t speak the same language. We have no meeting points. Besides the fact that we are on the same station at the same time. They just messed up my order. Instead of an avocado and egg sandwich, I get a cup of avocado lassi with fresh milk and an egg sandwich. I feel discontent. Either i have to break my nutritional regime or stay hungry. I spend some time grumpy, then suddenly it seems to me that something good can come out of it. I always look for something positive in every situation. However, it does not always occur immediately. This time it was like a lightning. As soon as this thought came to me, they appear – 4 boys between 6 and 10 years old who are begging. They are children and are full of life. But begging. I know that if you reach out to give to one of them, suddenly a dozen more pop up from somewhere. But infront of me there is an untouched lassi and a whole sandwich stuffed with an egg. I give away the sandwich. 3 of them have already passed, but one picks up the sandwich and flies away. I’m glad, but the lassi is still there. After a while, they walk past me again and I see that one sandwich has turned into 4, and everybody holds a piece and eats with delight. I wave my hand at them and they start coming timidly with  watered mouths. I give away the lassi. Two of them take it and look out for glasses. There is one more on the table. They divide it in a half, drink the half, and start waving excited at their friends to come and drink. My heart feels warm from this act of sharing between them. They look at me. Their eyes sparked an authentic gratitude. They take a moment to thank me in several languages, including the body language, tapping hands towards their hearts. I smile and i tap my heart in response. The language of the heart is universal. Every being knows it. The secret entrance to the truth is through the heart. And their gratitude is quite real. They wave for goodbye and walk away. A little later I sit in the backseat of the cab. A crowd of boys walk past me and recognizing me start waving, sending kisses and tapping their hearts. They are smiling and serene, full of energy for the afternoon hunt. And so one wrong order brought joy.